Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Morgan Freeman Has Fibromyalgia

I was perusing the blogs that I subscribe to and found something very interesting over on "This Is My Fibro".  Morgan Freeman has fibromyalgia.  To me and I would think to all Fibromites, this is news.  We have precious few big names and faces to put with our disease.  Why does that matter?  Because it gives fibromyalgia the credibility it has lacked for so long.  It gives us, the people who suffer with it, credibility.  

We, as a society, look up to our movie stars and celebrities.  Though I'm sure none of us would wish this upon anyone, when we find out that they can be afflicted just as we are, we somehow feel more normal.  We feel a kinship of a sort with them.  

Beyond that, we hope someone that much in the public eye will raise awareness of the disease, that they will garner money for research.  It gives us hope.. and hope is precious, it is hard to come by when you live with a chronic, debilitating disease.  

Please check out "This Is My Fibro" post at: Morgan Freeman Has Fibromyalgia

The whole interview with Morgan where he mentions fibromyalgia can be found here: Morgan Freeman - Esquire Interview

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